Lynne Strong-Shinozaki - Community Advocate Engaged in Health Causes

Lynne Strong-Shinozaki

Community advocate Lynne Strong-Shinozaki maintains a particular interest in causes related to the health of her fellow New York City residents. Since 2016, she has held membership in the Weill Cornell Community Advisory Board. In her capacity as an advisory board member, Lynne Strong-Shinozaki consults with the dean of Weill Cornell Medicine on the institution’s community activities.

Ms. Strong-Shinozaki’s involvement in health causes extends to her support of the American Heart Association (AHA). In particular, she advocates for the organization’s Hands-Only CPR program, which provides training in CPR without mouth-to-mouth breaths in communities where residents are more likely to die of cardiac arrests. In recognition of her contributions, the AHA presented her with its Heartsaver Hero Award in 2015.

Ms. Strong-Shinozaki has a background in engaging with cultural and historical groups. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society and in the past has worked on behalf of the Cincinnati Antiques Festival and the Taft Museum of Art.

Ms. Strong-Shinozaki holds a bachelor of science in apparel production engineering with a minor in fashion design from Philadelphia University. While pursuing her studies, she served on a committee that endeavored to establish a fashion major at the school.